The top 5 secrets of successful startups

By Shreya Viradiya

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Dec 06, 2022

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The term success is far away for any startup, and by the time they reach there, it has become a successful business that has already been existing in the market for some time. It takes too much cost and time for an entrepreneur to reach their dream of not only starting a new business but more than that, standing proudly even after years.

There are some secrets I’ve identified from the common patterns among successful entrepreneurs worldwide.

Looking at the right perspective of the Startup:

This is something that I think is very important, as only a few people are able to look at the startup with the right perspective. The startup is like a newborn child of parents having everything from skills to resources. The child is given proper nurture to make sure there is nothing that hinders growth. Society or parents do not expect anything in return till the time child is grown up and able to do everything himself. Coming to the point, good entrepreneurs know enough time and resources to be given to make the business grow and shine. 

We always wonder why would every 9 out of 10 businesses shuts down in a few years. Now we can relate that one of the reasons would be the expectation from the surroundings as well as the founder becoming too high from a startup business. A parent always looks after each and every growing stage and gives their best to make them perform like a normal adult or even better than that.

Raising a child into an adult that shines in society is not an easy task for parents, In the same way, to make a business successful it is the responsibility of an entrepreneur to look at whether it is growing in the right direction. If not, just taking on the right or alternate track and not stopping in between can definitely reach success one day.

If the expectations are higher than the nurturing, the possibility of failure is also high for a child as well as a startup.

Balancing Work and Life:

Work-Life Balance is something that we all are aware of, then what is the secret to it? This is what you all would be feeling right now. But yes, it is still a secret I would like you all to go through. 

I always had a doubt whether it would be good for health or business, and the answer I got is first it affects our health and productivity that ultimately benefits the business. It is the duty of a founder to make sure he balances work and life of himself as well as the employees who are working to achieve the success of the business. But knowingly or unknowingly, very few are actually balancing work and life as they think giving more hours to work can lead to early success. I am not against this common belief, but the risk of burnout is very high, which can lead to business failure. 

Ups and downs are common in any business operation, and balancing oneself mentally and emotionally during this time is very important. I’ve found some successful founders balancing their work and life through meditation, being around nature, doing regular exercises, practicing hobbies, spending time with family, etc. And none of them have ever felt like wasting their time on such activities. If fact, they defined this as the investment of time for their profession.

Being mentally as well as physically fit helps in handling everything positively and wisely that is invisible behind successful operations.

Identifying the right fit resources:

Any business needs some resources to make its operations run smoothly. Resources are, whether, in the form of human or material, and it becomes very important for a business to identify if it is the perfect fit for them. I know it is easy to say rather than actually going through it. But what I’ve found most in common among successful entrepreneurs is they balance well between quality, cost, and resources. 

As we all know that lack of finances is one of the most common reason for a startup to fail and business has to spend much more on their resources. So, it becomes very important to make sure that a business spends its capital wisely. 

There is nothing wrong to give a chance to new resources in the market who are more passionate about providing quality services. Giving a chance to newcomers is what plays a role in balancing funds for business, as they are more dedicated to work than cost. Being a newbie in the market, entrepreneurs taking a chance with newcomers leads to better understanding and relationship building.

Always keeping in mind one approach, “Let’s Grow Together” leads ultimately to success in any business. 

Prioritizing the satisfaction of stakeholders:

Most successful entrepreneurs have a common attitude of making stakeholders happy and satisfied with the business operations. Stakeholders being employees, customers, suppliers, communities, etc. are all important factors that help in making business operations run smoothly and ultimately reach business goals.

If the employees are happy, they are more likely to be self-motivated and work delicately. Even the employee turnover ratio is lower in the case where they are satisfied with their employment in the organization.

If the customers are satisfied, there are cases where customers won’t go anywhere else and also recommend it to their friends and family. Word of mouth is the most important channel for any startup to reach their potentials. Having a positive spread through this channel is what differentiates successful startups from others.

Even sometimes offering the product or service for free as a trial is also one of the practices startups do to make potentials aware of their quality and then buy from them.

Flexible to adapt to market trends:

In this fast-changing world, being flexible enough helps in facing challenges and solving the problems that hinder the growth of the business. I can see this as one of the opportunities for any startup, as it is easy for them to adapt to new things than a business that already exists for years in the market. The reason is that a startup has to start fresh with the latest technology and marketing techniques from scratch. They don’t have to reinvest in human capital to train for the new product and technology. 

Having the best online presence through web and mobile apps has become a must for today’s startup businesses to reach their potential customers. Considering their customer preference to connect with them through the best medium, a startup should have anyone or more solutions for their business that would make them grow in the current market.

Coming to business operation, there are many solutions available in the market that ultimately helps a startup operate professionally. Having a custom application for their particular category of business like Health care, Education, Business Management, Rental solutions, Food and Travel, E-commerce, etc. helps ultimately in saving more time and money than the cost of having it. 

After knowing all the secrets that would make a startup a successful business, we wish you and your business to succeed and reach all new heights in the market. For that, we are also there to assist you at any point you wish to have your business have the best online presence or make your business operations run smoothly by using current market trends of having custom software. We have a team of experienced professionals who always work with the aim to have the best suitable solutions for our clients. Get ready to leave the hassle to us and have the best solutions, as it matters a lot for us to make sure a business won’t fail at any point. So, let’s grow together!


Shreya Viradiya

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