Future Proof
Digital Solutions

Today's innovation is tomorrow's old news. Because of this, brands need to invest in software development as a service that can produce novel, creative ways to engage customers.

The team of UI/UX experts, full-stack developers, and technical analysts at immence are dedicated to helping you keep your brand’s digital presence fresh, engaging, and dynamic.

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immence - We build websites for b2b brands

Full Cycle
Development Agency

Exceptional services from experienced professionals with end-to-end support and expert guidance.

immence - Web Development

Solution Design

Use a superb brain into your digital product. We implement the most complex solution architecture to establish the foundation of an efficient, performant, and scalable digital solution..

immence - Web Development

Mobile App Development

Bring your business to customers within arm's reach. We build cutting-edge mobile apps with the latest technologies to attract users to your business offering through a magnetic user experience.

immence - Web Development

UI/UX Design

We mix product innovation with optimum usability. We produce an engaging and human-centric design that is scalable and enjoyable to use through our iterative design approach and comprehensive prototyping. From the discovery process to the last milestones, our team is present to guarantee that no aspect of your vision is lost in transition.

immence - Web Development

Custom Software Development

In order to succeed in today's market, businesses must be able to innovate quickly and more efficiently than the competition. Our custom software development services provide the flexibility and functionality required to meet unique industry needs and adapt to an ever-changing landscape.

immence - Web Development

Web development

We develop websites that benefit both your company and users. Our online solutions work seamlessly and consistently across all platforms, whether it's a complicated enterprise platform and data storage, a responsive web app, or a marketing site.

immence - Web Development

Game Development

Ignite your game development fantasies with our highly experienced team of game developers. We are a creative game app development firm that operates solely for the purpose of meeting the various needs of our customers.

immence - Web Development

DevOps & Cloud

Lead your cloud development just like the best in business do. Our approach automates software development processes so that workloads may be built, tested, released, and managed more quickly and reliably.

Comprehensive way toPersonalized
Weight Loss

Have you tried other weight loss programs with little or no results? Weight Loss Direct Intelligence proprietary technology creates a completely unique protocol based on your current health conditions.

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Products you
desire at
prices you wish

Koboldo is a next generation eCommerce platform bringing savings to retail customers using group buying techniques. This is set to change the current eCommerce landscape with features like name-your-own-price, price bargaining, etc implemented on a single platform.

immence - Portfolio Mockup

Connect with thousands
of other foodies

Plates Social is a food based social media app with one sole purpose. To express yourself while simultaneously connecting you with millions of other chefs! The idea behind Plates goes way beyond food.

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immence works

We use the most modern frameworks and efficient methodologies to ensure a smooth delivery and high performing product.

immence - Learning & Planning

Research and Discovery

Our main priority is to fully understand your business challenge and the idea behind the future solution. We carefully analyze your requirements, research the market and existing competitors, and evaluate the future concept.

immence - UX & Design

Scope Definition

We deeply study your objectives in defining the project's features, creating a list of all its modules, and analyzing the project's technical viability. We can now define the solution's tech stack and prepare a project roadmap as a result.

immence - Development

UI/UX Design

We start by defining the information architecture of your mobile or web solution to define possible user flows. Finally, our UX designer prepares a wiferame, clickable prototype that lets us have the first look and feel of the future product.

immence - Integration


First, we create the software architecture and later develop a complete solution, including robust backend and smooth frontend. Adhering to Agile philosophy, we develop in iterations, show demos, and gather feedback.

immence - Testing & Quality Assurance

QA & Testing

Each interaction is carefully tested to check the product’s security, performance, operation as well as specification compliance. Our goal is to check if the solution works as intended, corresponds to users’ expectations, and remains 100% secure.

immence - Deployment

Pre Launch

We perform quality pre-launch tests to ensure smooth and hitch-free product launch. We also provide all essential test case reports, installation guides, app tutorials, and user manuals for easy application delivery.

immence - Maintenance

Post-launch maintenance

Once a product is live, it is important to organize an efficient support process to control the quality of the project, continuously perform security checks, install new updates, and react to users’ feedback and changing business requirements.

What’s so special about immence?

Now what is it that gets us so convinced we can cope with your challenge and ours will be a happy ending? On a large scale, it’s our persistence. Under no circumstances are we to give in to sophisticated calls, as inventiveness and flexibility are our nature.

Why choose immence?


Our approach begins with the end-users. How do they need to work and what do they need to accomplish? That along with the other priorities of the organization comprise the technology strategy.

Why choose immence?


When it comes to executing business strategy, good enough isn’t going to cut it. We align teams, foster collaboration, and help accomplish the real mission.

Why choose immence?


Enhancing business is one of the crucial elements to the success of any idea. With our immence skill sets, we will provide guidance from the inception of the project to its effective realization.

Once a client,
always a partner

Making strong partnerships was central to our long-term plan from day one. Regardless of project scale and complexity, we keep being an all-time resourceful tech provider, making clients all around the business horizons have their hearts set on immence.

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