The Right Decision to Hiring a Software Development Agency over a Freelancer

By Shreya Viradiya

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Nov 22, 2022

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To give a standard answer whether it is the right decision for you would be tough for us. But we would definitely like to help you with the best solution for your project. Moving further, we’ve some questions that will guide you along the way.

What is your project size?

Suppose the project is a big, complex, enterprise solution with more functionality. In that case, it is always better to hire a team of developers to complete the project on time and get constant support whenever needed in the future.

Does the project cover multiple technologies?

If yes, then again, hiring an Agency would be the best option for you to get the project done within budget, as you’ll get everything under one roof. No single freelancer would be an expert in multiple technologies.

Can a single Specialist complete the project?

If yes, Ask yourself if it is for a single project or for the long term. If it is a single project, you should hire a Freelancer. But if it is for long-term collaboration, I suggest you go with an Agency as there is no guarantee that a freelancer is dedicated to working with you only because they prefer to work on multiple projects and may not deliver the project on time. Hiring an agency can make you feel relaxed about recruiting and training developers, again and again, to work with you on long-term projects.

Who is going to manage the project?

If you yourself or have some resources to manage and look after the project’s progress regularly, then having a freelancer is fine. But if you are not sure about how will the project be managed, I suggest you go with hiring an agency who have skillful managers along with a developer to look after your project.

Some common myths that keep you away from choosing an Agency.

Perfectly suits larger businesses – There is no such rule as outsourcing Agency is only for larger enterprises. In fact, there is no relation between the size of the project or business with outsourcing. Actually, Agencies nowadays offer regular and affordable service to all sizes of companies.

Expensive – Hiring an offshore team costs a lot more is a common misconception that leads to compromising professional and quality work. In the long term, hiring an offshore team would be more cost-effective than employing an in-house team costing salaries, insurance, and training. Also, the research shows that 59% of businesses use outsourcing to reduce expenses.

Time gap – Having different time zones is sometimes the biggest concern for hiring an offshore team. There is always an option for overlapping hours to discuss the progress regularly. Even nowadays, companies work in shifts according to the client’s preference to make sure there is no hassle in productivity.

Language and Professionalism – Hiring an offshore team, especially from Asian countries, it is a common misconception that the team would lack fluent English and professional behavior. But this is not the reality anymore. The data on outsourcing says that India is becoming more and more professional day by day, having the most talented resources. In fact, the US dominates, with over more than 50% of the total IT outsourcing from India.

Compromising product quality – The quality of the product depends upon the credibility of the dedicated offshore development team. So, there comes your job to do thorough research to hire a deserving team where you won’t compromise the quality of the product developed.

Data Security – Preserving the confidentiality of projects is one of the important concerns these days. The truth is that most companies create a secure setup for data storage and handling to prevent unauthorized access and data loss.

Hindrance in Agile Process – To lead to better customer satisfaction in software development service, the Agile development process is mostly preferred these days by making the maximum utilization of technology. Different time zones and different places are no more hindrances to collaboration and coordination between clients as facilities like video conferencing, emails, messengers, and screen sharing are used to make the project run successfully.

Lack of Support – Support is always expected not only during the development process but also after the product is developed, and the offshore team won’t fulfill this requirement is mostly assumed by all. But the reality is something different. A good development team knows the fact that software always needs to be monitored and updated at some intervals to operate successfully. So, make sure you choose the agency that extends their support to the project even after it is developed.

Ready to hire a dedicated development team for your project?

After considering all the above points for your project, we hope you’ve come to the right decision to hire an offshore development team for your project. We would also like to make your critical process of hiring a deserving and trustworthy team easy, as we’ve years of experience in the field and have delivered successful offshore projects. Our team of experts can be the perfect pick for your requirement. So, no need to wait anymore to hire a competent and dedicated development team of Immencers and leave the hassle to us.


Shreya Viradiya

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