Edtech: A significant transformation of the education industry

By Shreya Viradiya

Published in Ed tech

Dec 27, 2022

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Most industries have been affected by technology in the last few decades, but education has been transformed in the last few years. More or less, most educational institutes have started using technology in providing education. In today’s world, we can not imagine how fast and significantly the education industry is growing digitally. Using innovative techniques, both education and technology are moving towards a new way of teaching.

These days, by going towards ed-tech, any educational institution would opt for having their own educational platform in form of web, mobile, or both. This helps in making learning more accessible and effective. There are many areas where the ed-tech industry has changed the way of educating students. The list is long and changing day by day, but I got a chance to list a few of the areas where technology has changed the way of teaching and is most commonly practiced in the Edtech industry.

Online Learning Resources: Online resources have taken the role of paper resources at this time. By doing so, we are saving the usage of paper and learning more understandable. Online learning through the resources can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Many resources are available like videos, images, e-books, documentaries, etc. These resources can be used for understanding the concepts, problem-solving, practicing, and making research for better outcomes.

Communication and collaboration: By using technology, communication and collaboration have become easier in the education system. Teachers, students, and parents can get access to all new information. The information can be shared via e-mail, video conferencing, text messages, etc. Through the educational platform of any institution, all these channels can possibly communicate.

Online teaching: Online teaching took place more commonly during a pandemic time when going to schools and attending classes physically was not possible or safe. And now it has become an integral part of the education system. Online teaching has made education accessible as well as, teachers can share their knowledge with the students at large from anywhere in the world.

Personalized learning: Although it is not physical education, still personalized learning has been made possible through educational technology. Teachers can get access to the student’s overall growth report and identify their weaknesses and strengths to improve learning experiences.

Online examination: Nowadays, examinations are also taking place online, checking all the norms to make sure that there is no scope for cheating. Again, by doing so on the other side, we are saving resources that were traditionally used during examinations.

The counts are way more for the Edtech industry to grow in the future. By 2029, Edtech’s market size is projected to reach $319.6 billion. Any educational institution who already entered the Edtech world or is planning to enter would expect the best technological assistance.

We at immence would like to give our part in growing the educational industry towards Edtech. We’ve already helped many organizations to enter the Edtech market to grow in this competitive world. By bringing all our experience working for an ed-tech platform, we can provide our service to many more institutions to grow in this digital world.


Shreya Viradiya

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